Why Choose a Turkish Van?

Many people have asked if Turkish Vans are really different from other cats. I always answer, “Absolutely, yes they are!” Initially, folks just roll their eyes as if I were truly a “crazy cat lady” and exaggerating — that is until they actually welcome a Turkish Van into their lives — then they say, “Yes, now I understand!”

Turkish Vans are a rare breed outside of Turkey, where they originated and have lived for thousands of years. Some experts believe that the Turkish Van could be the oldest cat breed on earth. Needless to say, they are considered a “natural” breed, not genetically manufactured. Because of this, I feel justified (and honored) to perpetuate and preserve this unique and very special cat.

Often called “the swimming cat,” Turkish Vans were originally found near Lake Van, which is what gave them the breed name that differentiates them from the Turkish Angora – a distinctly different breed that also originates in Turkey.

Though most Vans tolerate water, not all are fans of swimming. Fetching is a different story: Nearly all Vans love to play fetch and will chase and return toys to their owners until the owners are tired of playing!

Turkish Vans are extremely intelligent and independent. They approach life on their own terms with their humans. They are physically strong and resilient, very dexterous and problem-solving. They love to climb and be up high and will not stop playing with that feather or ball until you give up from utter exhaustion. They are not always lap cats but they will bond with you utterly and love you forever — but always on their own terms.

Turkish Vans have a single coat of fine silky fur, as wonderful for you to touch as they love to be stroked. For all their beauty, they are fairly low maintenance — just a quick brushing once a week should do the trick.

Because of their high energy and independent traits, Turkish Vans may not be the best choice for every household….but if you are up for a real challenge and want to change your life forever for the better, consider choosing a Turkish Van as a loving pet and companion.

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